Alaïah is my little sister she is a twin. She likes to watch cocomelon and play with our dog. It would be so helpful and I would thank and appreciate you if you’d vote for my baby sister🤍.
Carter Jaxson
Carter is my awesome little nephew he’s such a sweet heart ❤️ he loves blowing kisses and playing with our dogs he’s such a sweet baby please vote for him ❤️
Hello, I’m Julieta, a lovely 8 month old who was born in the week of when COVID hit in the US, the day we were released from the hospital was the day we had to have distance and wear face masks. Every since then, mommy & daddy have been stressed about everything going on, but I came JUST IN TIME to save them from this pandemic😄! I bring them so much pride, joy, comfort and happiness. They say I’m the best blessing God has sent them in 2020! I haven’t met everyone from my family, I have so many people yet to meet. As I’ve been growing, I’ve been learning a lot of stuff from home, I finally got my two bottom teeth, and love to bite everything. I eat like a big girl, and love to watch Moana & Cocomelon. I love to laugh and smile non stop🤩, & wearing headwraps/turbans are always my way to go, even if it’s just to lay in bed & watch Moana🎀. I get super excited to see dad get home from work, he’s my twin❤️! I really enjoy co-sleeping with my parents and my baby sister who is still in mommy’s belly (in February I will officially be entitled to BIG SISTER🙈)! THANKS FOR READING & VOTING🤍!
Oliver Gray is a happy baby, who loves bananas and his dog Rufus!
Zavien who we call Zay is the happiest little boy who eats, sleeps, coos and loves watching lights/window lighting. He is the sweetest little boy ❤️
Pretty good baby cant say so much since he was just born but hes cute and a good baby brother
She's a lil diva sassy and bossy
Zayden is an amaz8ng child very quite and helpful he loves his lil sister and older brother to death..
Teejay was born during Covid19 pandemic after a traumatic birth. I lost a baby last year. He is my longed for Rainbow baby 🌈💙
Hi everyone! My name is Sienna & i was born on St.Patricks day!! 💚which means I was born right when the COVID pandemic started! I love wearing bows & find it so funny when my mom tells me my feet are stinky!! I love taking baths & fight over the bath sponge with my mom every single time! I love watching trolls & playing with anything that lights up!! 🤩 Vote for me so mom can buy me all the sweet potato puffs!! They’re my favorite ❤️
Maiella was born 10 weeks early, she is a strong little girl. She is very animated, loves cuddling with mommy, and very determined to sit up constantly!
Sebastian loves to watch netflix, run and dance and likes playing with her little sister 🖤
Kaden Loves To Sing Dance etc .. He Gives Love To Everyone Very Sweet individual He also Loves The “ Patty Cake “ Song 🥺 When His Learning or Seeing new things he is very Interested ❤️So handsome & smart vote for babykaden !
Nathan Williams is such a sweet little boy always smiling and giggles and such a mommy boy ❤️
Kam is a true angel baby from above. He is my Great Nephew that i am now raising since both his Mother ( my niece) and father passed away when he was just 6 weeks old. He is such a sweet baby and deserves all the love in the world!! He completely stole my heart as well as my three boys heart.
Alayna age 7 she has adhd , high functioning autism, sensory.processing disorder some medicial problems she loves playing outside , loves bugs and animals loves watching tv loves arts and crafts dressing up like animals and making animal noises 😊
Mia likes to dance, watch cartoons, eat and is always happy 😃! She also loves to play with his older brother ♥️
Kilynn Rowe
Kilynn is such a sweet and loving baby she loves her family and being around people she can light up any room she love too eat she’s my little fat mama cheeseburger ❤️❤️❤️
Lee LOVES Dinosaurs & starting Nerf Gun wars ❤️
Autumn is 2 almost 3 months old was born at 24 weeks and has a long road ahead of her
He loves bath time, Making the O face and grunting! If anything catches his eye it’s definitely the ceiling fan!
Annslee Delaine
She’s my rainbow baby after 7 miscarriages. She loves to stand up. Says mama dada and I’m good. Holds her head up pretty good. Loves her mommy and daddy. She loves to smile and giggle. She loves watching tv and absolutely loves sitting in her daddy’s lap and watching him play his game
Skylar is only 2 months old and is already full of so much life
Happy & Sassy ☀️
Max is such a sweet, loving little boy who loves being outside, dirt, sticks and anything with wheels that makes loud noise! he brings everyone who knows him so much joy ❤️
Arielle is my Wild Child 🌻🌻
Hello everyone this is Angelica. She is 3 months old. She loves her blanky. She loves bath time. ♡ cuddling is her favorite thing to do. ♡☆
Caroline is a very charismatic sweet kind helpful little girl. She’s very passionate about what she loves who she loves and she’s not afraid to tell someone when she doesn’t like some thing they’re doing wrong.
He's Always smiling... He's 3 months full of joy...
Jamie a very outgoing boy he enjoys watch animals shows and love his momma and daddy. He loves being outside and loves his dog
My’liyah is 2 months,she likes to watch trolls and sleep, and she love to meet new people
Vote for my grandson, he is such a calm happy baby, he’s just 2 months & adores his mommy.
Lily loves bath time and cuddles from Mommy and Daddy! She loves to hear music and playing on her kick and play. She loves looking at her big "sister" Ari which is our 3 year old yorkie. Mommy and Daddy have waited so long to have Lily. We consider her our little miracle! She is changing every single day and gets to spend a lot of time with Mommy and Daddy because of Covid-19. It being such a crazy year makes it hard for our family to come visit during these trying times. Please give us a vote for our precious little girl!
Kalli is such a smart sassy girl! She loves playing outside and playing with her LOL dolls when she isn’t picking on her older brother 🤣 she’s very sweet and does not meet a stranger talking someone’s head off is a hobby of hers lol vote for my baby girl!🙏🏼❤️🥰🥰
Such a sweet girl all the time. She’s so smiley and is just learning to laugh. She’s usually very happy but not afraid to tell you when she’s not ! She is definitely a mommy’s girl 💜
Moo Man
She’s a very smart outgoing girl she has so much personality. Always smiling and loves to play with her older brothers. She loves to wave and always talking in her own little way she loves her family and anyone she meets. She’s shy at first but then warms up pretty quickly.
Loves to laugh and he loves to make you laugh to! He also loves his baby sister and is really good at being a big brother 💜
Looking good 👍
One word, FIRECRACKER. She’s spunky, full of life & a full on comedian. She loves playing outside, music, & her baby sister.💕
Tiberius was born on November 1, 2020. He has hiccups all the time just like his mommy! One of the most precious things he does so far is giggle and smile while he’s sleeping.🥰
Wyatt is the happiest baby you could ever meet. He loves being tickled and his giggle will melt your heart. He is a huge Mickey Mouse fan.
The coolest kid you’ll ever meet!
Remi Grayce
Remi Grayce is 6 months old! She's full of smiles! Vote for my babbbyyyy pleasee 🥰❤
My name is Gianna, I’m a month old and very spoiled, I like to think I’m a princess👑
Alayna is 7 she has adhd, high functioning autism, sensory processing disorder , she also has medical problems , she loves arts and crafts playing outside loves animals catching bugs watching tv she also loves dressing up like animals and she has always loved making animal noises .