Hudson’s such a fun loving little boy, that loves his three dogs and cat very much. Hudson loves to walk and talk, and he definitely loves anything loud.
Oliver likes mickey mouse club house the most. He enjoys hanging out in the living room with his sissy and bubba while they entertain Him he just sits their and laughs he's such a happy baby
Gracelyn is such a happy baby, she loves to laugh and smile when she wakes up. Some other things she loves are her parents, snuggles, food, and the bath.
Ava is a very loving, sassy, sweet girl who is very smart!!!...She will light up any room and she loves all animals along with her tractors. 🚜 🐄 🐖 💜
I love to hang out with momma and most importantly I love to try to grab mommas food out of her hand when she’s eating
I love to jump in rain puddles, I am sweet but sassy.
This is my kiss face!! I love to give kisses!!!
Ragnar is a crazy active 2 year old, who loves Spider Man, is 100% a daddys boy, and loves to drive his mama crazy. He always can put a smile on anyones face.
Jace is the happiest baby boy he lights up every room with his big ole smile every where we go which he ALWAYS has on his handsome face ! 😍 He’s quite the character always laughing and having fun ! He loves Sesame Street, toys that spin and jumping in jumper ! ♥️
Hi there! I’m Ashton and I’m new here. I like to play in my swing and on the floor. My favorite thing is tummy time with my big bubba.
Mitchell loves to play with his cousins and friends. He also likes to play soccer and baseball. Another thing he likes to do is swim.
Fraternal twin
fraternal twin
Peter Jacobs
PJ brings nothing but pure happiness to anyone around! He is the happiest 6 month old who brings out the absolute best in every moment. I wish everyone could see the world through his innocent, joyful eyes!
Hello! I’m Dakotah Ray and one of my favorite things is to talk to Alexa and play with my baby brother.
He's a happy baby, always smiling to everyone!
He love birds, he go crazy if he sees a flying bird.
He’s a very smiley sweet boy who loves his momma and daddy !!! He enjoys bathtime and tummy time !!! Any votes will help thank y’all so much much 💙🙏🥰
Maryleigh is the happiest baby! She’s tried so hard to talk already loves looking around! We call her baby bean 🫘
Rome is my 3rd miracle baby after a massive fibroid tumor, I just had him at 43 years old. He is always smiling and bringing joy to our family. We are a very busy family always on the go and baby Rome just goes with the flow.
Reed is one of the happiest and funniest babies you could ever meet! He loves to read book, use his voice to squeel, watch bluey, and play with his friends and cousins!
Hi my name is Jada Faith I love minnie mouse and animals!! I also love my momma n dada n nana n papaw very much.. I am turning 1 years old April 1st
Rhett is a boisterous boy! He loves to have whatever mom is eating! He is ready to run!
Chimdike is a very lovely boy, so clever and fun to be with!! He loves cuddles and he smiles a lot. He's a charming little cutie 😍
Kinzie loves to be around others. She always wants to play with her older sister. She loves to be apart of the group. Never wants to be left out.
Nyla Ray Taylor is a gift from god a true blessing for me and my family. She’s smart loves to cuddle that’s actually her nick name cuddles 🥰 she loves naps and play time. Her eyes will take you’re breath away with her beautiful gray green and blue eyes. I would just love to bless everyone with the beauty that I get to enjoy everyday of my life. Give us you’re loving votes
Oaklee is such a bright and smart 1 year old she loves being outside and watching her favorite movie HOME 👽
He likes to eat and loves attention!!
Levi loves to smile & giggle now he's discovered how to do it 💙👶
Dean is our happy blue eyed baby boy! He loves to be outside, playing in the dirt.
She loves belly time and you can just stare at her and she will smile she likes watching TV with me
Roisin means little rose in Irish. She is named after her great-grandma and we are hoping she will be just as sweet and spunky as her namesake.
levi is about to be 2 years old, he loves spongebob and barney and mickey mouse, he love to constantly eat one of his favorite foods is puffcorn and chicken fries , he is the most goofiest little boy i know
Bralen is a very outgoing, sweet, & talkative 3 years old who enjoys playing outdoors, going to his favorite stores (DOLLAR GENERAL & WALMART), he also enjoys adjusting to being a big brother. Bralen is currently playing T-ball which he loves.
Atlas is a miracle baby! His mom didn’t know she was pregnant until she gave birth to him!
Allways has a smile on her face!!!
Our Little Prince Will Light Up Your Day With His Energy And Never Ending Smile, And Of Course A Hi Dose Of Cuteness . Even Though He is Very Young Lad, It Feels Like He Embraces Life Every day , Making Every Day Know That He Is Present And Ready For Action.
He is has a hypoplastic left heart. He has underwent one surgery and has two more to go. He has no spleen. He's a super hero in my book. And still fighting strong.
Gia is a snuggle bug! She loves to smile, cuddle, fingerpaint and play with her puppies.
Born January 17 2023 If u buy some votes i will match Im so blessed to have this beautiful girl in my life told i couldnt have kids and here we r my blessing from god 🙏🏿 ❤️ 💓 i thank u and appreciate u so much lord amen 🙏🏿🙌🏿
He loves playing peek-a-boo and listening to praise and worship music. His favorite shows are cocomelon and little baby bum he's a smiley happy Mama's boy who loves to snuggle 💕
Evangeline Calderon
Evangeline is named after the movie “princess and the frog” Evie is such a happy soul who loves smiling and laughing!
Joshua loves to pretend to be Spider-Man! He has a heart of gold! And he loves playing with new friends and family!
He loves attention and to explore anything he can get his hands on with his mouth. He loves Mrs.Rachel and his bouncer. He loves bananas and white noise to sleep. He hates being left alone and his car seat. He much prefers being in your arms!
Hi, my name is Leonidas. Today is my 1st birthday and I'm the happiest boy in the world 💙 I like to play and laugh all day 🙂
Being 2 weeks old she obviously like to sleep and eat! She is the absolute sweetest and misses her daddy like crazy who is out of state working!