This is my son Noah. He loves to smile a lot. He also enjoys the outdoors. He's very smart and very strong. There's absolutely nothing this little man couldn't do. He loves his momma's cuddles. He loves playing pat a cake. His favorite word to say is chicken. I know right. This little boy of mine is just so joyful and lovable and he really makes my world go around.
Mylah, our rainbow baby, was born on the 4th of July. She loves cuddles, her daddy, and car rides. Her smile melts our hearts. She’s such a happy girl always giggling and playing with mommy & daddy. Mylah LOVES her some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!
She may be little but Ari is fierce! She came into this world early but oh so ready to explore. Even at a month old she is full of attitude, sassy and love. I see great things in your future. Vote for us and just let us know when done we’ll gladly return the favor. Thank you 💕
Mia is our world. She quite the handful but she loves talking to daddy. She can’t speak yet but man does she try. We love her to the moon and back. Mix of Chinese and Venezuelan.
She has been so peaceful since the day she was born nothing but smiles and cuddles from her!
My sweet boy Wesley Scott was born on June 5th, he loves cuddles, swaddles, and hanging out with his family. He was diagnosed a few weeks ago with ocular albinism but that doesn’t slow him down one bit!! He’s the smartest, sweetest boy ever 💙💙💙
Kai - Our soon to be one month old! He enjoys sleeping in his knotted gown w/ mittens, drinking milk from mommies titties, snuggles with his daddy, spontaneous car rides with the family, and especially his paci!
This is Emberlee Grace Brown. Her personality revolves around food, her Daddy, and talking. She loves just about anything and just lights up the room. Please vote for her! 🥰
This is Athena and she’s very intelligent, very smart and very social she also loves to play she loves peek a boo, she is also 6 months old, your votes are very much appreciated 🙏
Atlas love to go out on strolls and loves to smile and laugh. He loves to get milk drunk and to try to sit up on his own. Oh man does he have the stinkiest farts and big burps.
Octavia is 1 years old! She is such a sweetheart and loves everyone! She loves to dance and speak her own language, ha! no matter who she’s around, she makes everyone smile! Please vote for her💕
Brantley is 1 in a half he loves outdoors and his sister he loves family time and food
Ivy is full of personality and is always smiling! She's the happiest baby and loves a good car ride 💖
Kylie Cooper
This is Athena grebe and she’s the smartest 6 month old I’ve ever met she loves talking to you she’s also an awesome listener comprehends and learns more quickly than an average 6 month old. She’s full of joy and a beautiful girl please vote for her🙏
This is Layla Sky Brown💜 She’s very new to this crazy world! She’s so goofy and so smart! She loves to make cute little noises and faces! Please vote for her❤️❤️
Hello my baby name is Desmond jr. He's 1 month old. Very alert loves to smiles likes for people to talk to him. He is his mother and father first born. He is our miracle baby.
Silas had a rough entrance into the world, but now that he's here he's making his presence known. With the nickname "lungs" he gets peoples attention! Whether it's with his strong baby lungs or with his stunning baby blues 💙
She has EPILEPSY she has seizures 😭, her longest seizure was five hours long the day before her first birthday , we was in the hospital with her for the first week after she turned one she was on oxygen and everything , this would be a great blessing for us to take her and her siblings somewhere special ❤️❤️
Bellamy loves to watch bluey and play outside in the water
She loves to smile and be very active ❤️
She love singing and playing with fake food and baby dolls
Morgan is a rainbow baby
Lorraine is a very happy baby she loves anything with noise and she loves watching tv
Luna Rayne
She is a very happy, cheerful bundle of joy ! She loves to be sitting upright so she can see everything she's very curious and loves attention♥
Kingston is a very happy baby all the time!
Oaklynn is the happiest little baby! she loves dogs , playing with her toys , being outside , her mama , FOOD , and cuddles! she’s our bundle of joy🫶🏼
Lazarus Michael
Currently NOT ACCEPTING exchanges or advances here !! Unless we’ve already spoken and agreed on it ! Any votes given out of an agreement are considered a gift 🎁 🎁 Mostly I’m in competition elsewhere but have lots of returns coming up so can not take on any more new arrangements I am sorry for inconvenience!!! 😔 I will erase this when I’m open again ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank you all 🙏 Hey there yall! My Lazarus is an angel sent back to us... he is deeply in love with music , baby shark and cocomelon 😊 he was born in midst of pandemic 2020 and stayed in NiCu for about a month ... we have been in love since we brought him home 💖💙😍 our lil soldier 💙 WE ACCEPT ADVANCE VOTES, AND BONUSES 💖💙😊😊 , I can also vote for your baby 👶 ❤️ just let me know ahead of time!! I wanna have fun&enjoy myself looking at all yalls beautiful angels 😍🥰😍💖💖😍 _Bee_ lazzys mama ♥️
Delilah Mae is such a little character. She loves horses and jumping on the trampoline and she loves being a big sister. She’ll always brighten up a room when she walks in sometimes she’s a pterodactyl when she runs in yelling but you’ll never get enough of her
Veronica is the sweetest baby! She loves her sister, her puppy, and food!
My name is My’Asia. My loving personality is awesome and very lovable . I love Listening to music and rapping my favorite songs. My favorite movie is Stitch and Toy Story. I love playing dress up and talking on the phone. Vote for me please how could you say no to a face like this I promise You won’t regret it.
She likes chocolate and coco melon
Please vote for my baby. We have been sick and I thought this would be something fun to boost our mood. Thank you all so much. Renesimae loves to dance to any kind of music. She likes to watch cocomelon and family guy. And she loves stuffed animals
Kennedy is a very loving little boy. He loves to play outside. He loves to ride on the tractor with his great papa Don.He enjoys watching scooby doo.
This is miss Luna Daisy! She has the attitude of a 16 year old, she loves to be up in your business & loves scooby doo & survivor. She loves hanging out with her mommy the most🥰
Raven is almost 2 and is such a talented little girl she growing up too fast and she just the most amazing girl that Ik she likes her juice and mostly loves her mother and father.
Sunflowers and sunshine! Stella has it all to giggles, to smiles, to smerks and all. She’s one of those happy mystery toddlers. You’ll never know what’s expected, she surprises you in every way. Vote for Stella
David Taylor Flett Iv
David is the happiest baby, always smiling. He is the 4th david Taylor flett and his nickname is 4.
E 💙 He loves baths, loves to cuddle, & most importantly LOVES to eat. 😂
Jakalynn loves being sung to. She loves cuddles and kisses.
Kendall loves to sing 🎤 she’s very kind and has a heart of gold loves to hangout with her cousin’s loves to play outside and find frogs 🐸 loves makeup 💄loves helping others she’s the most kindest and loving caring little girl anyone could meet! Has a big heart ♥️ of gold
Malcolm is the happiest baby there is. Always smiling and laughing. Will be crawling in no time!☺️
We had a scare with rsv and her not being able to breath but she bounced back and is the happiest baby. Mollie is probably the most chill baby in the world. She loves to hang out and check the scenery. She enjoys play time. Her favorite thing to do is hang out with dad.
Amara is our first baby 🫶🏼 She’s a sweet soul and loves to cuddle. She loves her dog Bear 🐶
De’Rihanna love to dance, color, draw and play with her brother and sister. She was born a natural caregiver and even at 6 years old her soul is beyond her years.