Baby Stories - 12


This is Bella our beautiful happy daughter. She such a happy girl that loves music and her mommy and daddy!!
Faith was born 7 weeks early, due to her having Gastroschsis, which means her intestines were in the outside. When she was born she was taken for a 4 hour surgery, the first of many where we could have lost her. She was taken off milk everything she loved off the drip for nearly 2 months of her life, she’s had another surgery to shorten her intestine due to a blockage, she had jaundice twice, 2 serious bodily infections :( she left hospital 3 months after she was born but now my baby is fitter than ever, got signed off by all her doctors this year and just getting better and better, she is by far the smartest little lady I know ❤️🥰
Angel is a little monkey! She's a sweet loving girl who loves playing with her older sisters very much !!
She is Maggy🎀 she is 7 months old. Margaret loves to watch Five little monkeys jumping on the bed.🙉🎀
Zelda is a very happy baby, always has a smile. She loves to play with her family, friends and her puppy. She loves to read and listen to music. She just got her first two teeth, both on the bottom! But through it all she is still Happy and energetic! Her latest fun things to do is stand up using the table and couch!
Atlas loves to try crawl he knows he’s almost there! He’s a social butterfly already and loves to show that huge smile!! We Thank Everyone for the votes and support on Atlas’s contest.!!!🙏🏽 THANK YOU TO ALL. 💚💙
Harper-grace is 3 weeks old an so far she loves to sleep an smile, she love the shower but hate getting undress, please give us a vote xo
Aria-Shai is my second born after 8 years she is the angriest baby ever 😂 she loves paw patrol she gets most excited by everest and marshall. She was 9 days over just like her big sister and even though she is 3 months old she is still in new born ourfits she is so small! She loves cuddles and holding hands but hates everything else😂❤
My name is melani, I was born may 6, 2019 so I’ll be 2 in a couple months 🤗 I’m a very happy baby loves to smile and say hi to new ppl and blow kisses like she is really a princess it’s the cutest 🥰 but melani loves baby dolls she loves to watch her shows and wear pretty cute fancy clothes, she’s definitely into style 😉
Bonnie was born not breathing, she had 4 seizures and was in NICU. She has finally graduated and is now in a nursery. She is the happiest baby and I think she deserves to win after all the things she has been through and achieved so far in her short life x
Hi, my name is Khaleesi. I am 6 months old, so my world is full of discovery. I love to laugh at the most silly things, smile when I see my parents and roll around. I am half Cree and half German but 100% my mamma and papas world
2020 has been a rough year for the nation but I am so bless and thankful to come out of that year with my quarantine silly miracle baby
Bentley is a very happy little boy. He loves being outside playing ball and absolutely loves the wiggles
Hi I’m Brandon Elijah. I’m learning to walk. I love to crawl, play & laugh. I say some words like mom mama ma dad dada pa’ abu agua etc...... . I understand English & Spanish.
Hi, I am 17 months old, I love to walk in the lead, to play, I love my puppy, I play with him all day and he listens to me, I am a happy child with a lot of energy!
Hailey Aleah
She’s such a happy sweet baby. She loves to be held and be outside loves to play with her siblings.She’s always smiling😍
Baby Eli loves to smile and laugh. He loves his best friend Bebe (teddy bear) and his night light Tommy which changes colors when your hit it.
Kesi's personality is out of this Universe he loves to sing and dance to ANYTHING! His favorite song is The Box by Roddy Rich(Clean version of course )the ABC's & he literally already knows the whole song's word for word as well as twinkle twinkle little star, wheels on the bus and many more. He is such a goof ball always doing silly things and laughing at himself while awaiting your giggles in response. His curiosity has turned him in to a baby genius! He is well beyond his years, an old soul
Sweet baby boy who loves the outdoors, country music, his American bulldog Waylon and looks more like he is 6/7 months old (he’s 19lbs!!) instead of 4 months! He is such a smiley happy little man!
Hi I'm Abel! I am 9 months old and full of joy! I love to adventure like my mom and giving my parents the biggest adventure in life. My parents named me abel chance because this life is full of chances and if your willing and able you can make anything possible 💞💞
Jayden is 15 months old and is rambunctious ball of energy. He loves throwing his toy balls all around the house, showing his love to his pets, and cuddling up to mama after a long day at work.
Penelope Lain
Miss Penelope Lain is 6 weeks old. She is learning how to make new noises everyday. Capturing a picture of her smiling is not a difficult task because she seems to always be happy. But don’t let her fool you, she’ll show you just how powerful her lungs are if you don’t keep her tummy full. She’s the perfect mix of bubbly and fiesty and captures the hearts of anyone she meets.
Anthony is a beautiful 1 month old infant with looks and personality to steal your heart.
She's strong , beautiful ,kind and just like her name means she is "most beheld" I have it all.
My name is Kayla, born on a leap year. I'm a 2 of a kind girl. ;) Please vote for me. The money help my mom and my sister. My father dead when I'm was 4 yrs old! I have an older sister name Bella. My mom are working 7 days to support the our family financial.
Just the cutest little boy who is obsessed with everything Mickey Mouse ❤️
She’s a happy 7 month old babygirl who loves daddy and mommy and loves to smile and laugh...
Zenell is an Aquarius , For him to only be one years old he’s such an amazing happy baby . He’s born with SMA TYPE 1 but he doesn’t let that stop him from trying he’s best . He’s a natural born fighter & just full of big smiles.
Beautiful 1 month girl who loves cuddles and staring at the beautiful sights.
Quinton is the happiest baby, always smiling and ready to make your day ❤️
Callie Rae
Callie Rae loves food, and music. She’s very inquisitive and is a smiley little girl.
Hi I’m Aiden I’m 6 months old , I like too eat bananas, put my toes in my mouth and yell at mommy ! :)
Asher is the sweetest baby boy ever!! He’s 13 days old and already this mommas true love. I don’t know what I’d do without this little boy🤍
His favorite thing to do is waving his hands in the air like he just don’t care ! He’s very loved by his family and friends and was claimed to be the calmest boy the hospital has delivered. He has stolen the hearts of many and continues to do so daily.
Kennedy is a cool calm baby who loves up close smiles and big bottles of milk!
Estella amazes me everyday. She is growing and learning so quickly. She loves Grover from Sesame Street, dancing to the Wiggles and loves to sing along to almost every Moana song. Oh and she loves to talk (babble)!
River loves watching bubble guppies and mickey mouse. He says hi to everyone! And puts a smile on everyones face
When you first meet him he’ll give you a dirty look like he’s saying, “Who the heck are you?”, but he’s such a sweet baby and is really chill. He loves going for walks around our neighborhood and watching Mickey Mouse club house with his dad.
Paisley is my first child and a strong little girl. She underwent her first surgery at 3 days old and recovered like a champ. She was in the NICU for 10 days because she wasn’t taking to a bottle very well. Now she’s growing like a weed and we hope we can get your vote!❤️
I love Charlie’s color form city, I love love popsicles, I’m almost 2, and I love playing peekaboo!🥰
Oliver is 4 months old.. he love to play with anyone, smiling all the time. He is such a lovely baby ❤️
JaTaveon is full of life with the cuties Smile and laughter you will ever meet for a 1 year old. He loves paw patrol. His favorite colors are red and blue.
Cassius loves to play with his toys and eat a lot , he’s the sweetest boy 💙
Who makes the rules? Maddox makes the rules! :) Maddox is a sassy 8 month old who loves pulling himself up on everything! He loves being outside with dad and dirt bikes. His best friends are his puppy and kitty! Althought he sometimes likes the kittys tail more :) His ABSOLUTE favorite thing to do SMILE! Kid is always cheesin and we could not be more blessed! Give this love bug a vote!
Grayson loves to watch cocomelon and baby shark ! He loves spending time with mama and dada , along with playing with his toy cars and taking bubble baths !
Hello, and thank you all for your votes 💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙!!!Bo loves to learn, following mom and dad around with his eyes. Can’t wait to start making noises! He try’s to hard already. Loves listening to music while mommy cleans some of his favorites our...piano man, highway to h*ll, somebody to love, and anything Red hot chili pepper related ❤️ He can hold his head up so big. Growing more crazy blonde hair every day, and even tho I’m only 6 weeks old my eyes are starting to look very blue. I have more gas than my mom even knew was possible! Toots and burps is what I do best!