Kolsyn loves cocomelon & giving hugs ! Hes very curious & outgoing. He loves making others feel better !
Meet Barrett. He is almost 3 months old. He loves all things music!!
Xolani is 9 month old, full of energy and all smiles. She enjoys watching karmas world on Netflix along with lady bug and miraculous cat!
Kylo is a happy baby that’s loves music . He is the youngest of 5 so he tends to pick up on everything a lot quicker.
Sadie is such a happy little girl and she brightens everyone’s day just by her smiling! 😁 please vote for her❤️
Jaxx James is 6 months. He a curious little boy, pushing to learn all the things babies like to discover.
My granny loves to smile and love watching Mickey Mouse Club House
Ke'Marion is such a happy baby he loves to play in he smiles all day. He's full of energy his a will have you feeling like a special person in his heart
Hello my names raelynn, I love talking, meeting new people, and my doggy’s! I’m 7 almost 8months old! Please vote for me❤️
DO NOT Bump Old Posts Up ! PLEASE Post names of who voted ty, Also please ask befor doing bonuses ! unless I have agreed to exchange any others will been seen as gifts,non Returners will post picture! limited spaces - while Doing Returns ! Doing Daily exchange. Thank you everyone . You can’t contact me on messanger Kaz Hayward.😊Aurora is is the most PRECIOUS, BEAUTIFUL, SMART, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE little girl 😊
Novalee ( Nova) is almost 4 months old. She loves baths and her sleep and her big sister Kynlee.
Tydeus is such a happy and cute baby boy! He loves to talk, sit up, play with his toys, and of course loves his mama and dada 💙 This sweet boys smile will just melt your heart every time 🥺
Kayden is such a sweetheart! He loves to watch Mickey Mouse and Nursery Rhymes.
She loves everything and everyone
Our little blue-eyed, red-headed boy is all grins and giggles all the time! He’s a sweet ball of cuddles who loves playing with his 7 puppy dogs and napping with Mama. Whitt’s favorite foods are mashed sweet potatoes, bananas, and sausage patties — probably because they’re fun to make messes with! His favorite time of day is bath time and he cannot wait for swim lessons this summer.
Xavi Zakiya is the funniest 1 year old you will meet & can light up any room with his big smile and beautiful blue eyes. 💙 He loves his dogs and being his big brothers wrestling parter.
This little boy is the happiest boy, we found out he had autism last year and he change my world. He’s such a blessing.
Hi my names Beau, I’m very new to the world! I love my mommy and daddy, and sleep. Bottles are one of my favorite things right now! I’m a very good baby for mommy and daddy, and would love a vote! 💙
He loves music and using his voice. Love to dance with mommy and sissy. Loves giving kisses…
Kylen is our rainbow baby! He was born at 34 weeks weighing less than 3lbs. His favorite things include snacks, shoes, and his momma. He is all boy and you’d never know that he was a preemie baby.
Layne was born at 29 weeks due to his momma having preeclampsia. He spent 3 months in 2 different NICUS, he recently got to come home to his mommy, daddy & puppy dog graham. Since day one he’s been a trooper, with all the ups & downs that come with being a 29 weeker he’s been such a happy boy. The nurses called him a flirt because he was always smiling & giggling at anyone who would come see him. His cheerful spirit is what got us through the hard 3 months in the hospital. Since he’s been home he’s met all his grandparents, aunts, uncles & new best friends. But i think finally meeting his puppy graham was the best experience yet. His smile & personality can light up a room instantly & for only being almost 4 months old (3 weeks adjusted) he sure does have a strong personality.
Kamiya is a very happy baby who just loves to smile.
COMMENT FOR 10 DAILY EXCHANGE! Anastasia is a fun & happy baby! Always smiling, clapping, making noises, she’s truly a breath of fresh air 💖 7 months old crawling, stands up, watches her favorite show Color Crew & loves her baby food!! And, absolutely loves loud music!! 💖💖💖 Stasia is new to competing! Please comment on our wall for a vote trade! I don’t see it if you don’t comment 💖 still new to this so hoping to figure it all out thank you for your votes we are very appreciative 🥰 GOD BLESS!!!
Kaidyn is 6 years old 7 in July!! He’s my first baby🥰😍💕 he into superhero’s since day one!! This child is my absolute world and he’s his mommas baby since day one😘😘 he battles his first couple weeks of life to be here and I’m glad to call him my baby boy😘😘
Karla loves to sing, dance, and loves her mommy, daddy, and her bubby
Raelynn is 11 months old , She is in love with clothes & shoes already . Our little fashion bug !!
Bonnie Larnie
Bonnie is a beautiful, bright, bubbly little blessing with the biggest smile and the bluest eyes💙💖 she loves her stuffed giraffe GiGi, hot wheels cars (especially orange ones), bubbles and playing on the swings! Her favourite foods are strawberries, yoghurts, cucumber, tomatoes, toast with butter, Oreos, pepperoni pizza, spaghetti bolognaise and ham! Her heart is as full as her belly and she brightens everyone’s world that has the pleasure to meet her. She is my rainbow miracle baby and my forever saviour💗
Jazlyn is a child whose smile is contagious!! Always happy, and the most loving baby ever.
1month and 15 days old. He loves his soft blankets.
Miss Blakelyn is the kindest 7 year old! She loves making other people smile as much as she loves to smile herself.
Cameron is such a happy baby! He is our rainbow baby as we had a miscarriage back in 2019. He is almost 2 months old. He loves bath time, rolling over already, smiling and laughing at his mama, loves when he is sang to, likes listening to stories being read to him and is a big snuggle bug. He also loves car rides and his big brother Odin, our 2 year old husky.
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! 🥰😇
Jansen is still currently in the NIKU at Kentucky Childrens Hospital. He’s our little Superman!
She smiles a lot and loves her food she loves being cuddled
Dustin Jr
I love cars, soccer balls, & love playing with family as well as being outdoors! Dinosaurs 🦕 are the best!! ❤️ I adore my mommy & daddy, and they cant resist adoring me! Happiness is my game, being mean is LAME! 🙃😇
Little Liz is a month old and wonderful she start out her little life rough but has come so so far I am proud of her
Novaleigh Brielle
Novaleigh has such an infectious personality! She’s such a happy girl & is always giving her biggest smile. She loves her kitties, which she says Hi Kitty to every & anyone 😹. Nova loves her baths & snuggling up with her softest blankie. She recently started to stand on her own & just today she took ONE STEP!
Hi my name is Shaun Kennedy Karam. I love my family and pinkfong. I’m always happy and smiling.
Hi my name is Cree Kapono Brown but my mommy calls me “Pony” I am 6m old and I’m a Libra💙 I love love LOVE Happy Feet, Tarzan, Boss Baby, and Scooby Doo… I love chewing on my toes and TeddyNuk🤣My mommy is my everything if I can’t see her, smell her, or hear her I get very cranky lol but my daddy best friend. I have 2 big sisters and they love spoiling me. Your votes would greatly be appreciated💙
Josiah is the most happy baby! He is outgoing and turn around.
Verity loves to smile and loves lots of cuddles.
My name is martaevies I like too roll around, I love bananas, and I also love watching Shrek.😁
William loves to smile, has an adorable laugh, he loves attention, and smiles at everyone he meets!
Kai is a sweet loving 3 year old boy who is obsessed with mario it is his whole life. He loves his kitty cats and loves being silly.
Ka’Ori is 9 months old & a joy to my life. She’s the sweetest baby. Right now she’s trying to stand on her own & enjoys clapping her hands.
Maddox is the funniest, bossiest, sweetest boy around. He loves paw patrol, bluey, reading, and brushing his teeth. He’s got the best smile and gives the best hugs!
Benjamin is a very well mannered 8 month who only cries when he needs something. He’s always smiling and happy. He loves when people sing him songs and he babbles along while they sing. He loves cocomelon and he loves his toys and his family. His laugh makes you laugh And makes everyone happy and when your having bad day and he laughs it’s automatically makes your day ! Please vote for Benjamin 💙💙
Winter loves laughing at her big brothers and loves being with her dad.