Our rainbow baby is just learning to roll over, babble and hold things and she loves her mommy and daddy so much ❤️
Lukas is super squirmy and loves to look outside. Bath time is his favorite part of the day. Super sweet and a huge light in our lives 💗
my mummy says I’m very smart, I love to keep her on her toes!! She’s always chasing me around because I love to explore.
Christopher is 4 years old and full of energy. He loves being outdoors and spending time with his mamaw 🧡
Nice welcoming smile 😃 very smart and playful 💕
Alice was born at 30 weeks weighing 2 pounds 5 ounces. She was a cute baby since the day she was born. She is a survivor. Now she is 11 months and a joy to have. Alice has a unique personality and her smile is Contagious. We are blessed to have her.
Reece is 12wks old and has been the absolute best. He’s quite active with his mobility and advancing well. We’re happy for the many years to come with this bundle😊♥️
Aurora is a fun happy toddler! She loves acting crazy and goofy! Her favorite things to do is having tea parties, and jumping! She is so loved and it shows with how much she loves! Just a beautiful, funny girlie!
Kyrie Woods
He so sweet but cute 😍 he always giving kisses and hugs 🫂 🤗 and alway put a smile on ya face when u having a bad day😍😍😍🫂
Phoenix is new to this world, loves smiling and giggling! Loves when her big sissy talks and plays with her! Such a happy beautiful baby girl!
Damon is a happy little boy who loves playing outside, splashing in mud puddles and tasting all the food he can.
Best Big Sister Ever
He likes to chew on things he is a smiley happy baby and he loves to eat
Forever Murray
Forever is the sweetest baby ever , She enjoys the entertainment of her 3 big sisters , she loves to smile and loves to laugh
Amari is the sweetest boy. In just 2 months he has brought so much joy to our lives!!
Zachary Jr
Zachary loves his monster trucks, read books, plays with his puppy and eats everything under the sun ☀️
So full of joy and excitement and most anything makes him laugh. Loves sweet potatoes, watching people eat and a captive audience.
Spunky Growing Baby
Enzo is the baby of the bunch and an absolute joy 😍 He loves snuggling his mommy and his bottle.
Angel is a very sweet, loving boy ,he loves to make people laugh and smile.he loves learning new things. he also loves spending time with his family and friends ,and he loves playing with his army men
I’m my mommy’s first child. A boy from heaven is what she calls me. I’m learning how to crawl, I got 2 of my teeth growing in and I can sit up on my own! I love bananas and avacados and of course my mommy’s breast milk. My daddy makes these roaring noises and it cracks me up. I haven’t decided my fav color yet, but when I do, I’ll be sure to share with you!
This is Keilani. She is so strong, and so loved. She has already developed such an open wonderful personality. She can brighten anyroom with her big beautiful eyes. We couldn't imagine life with her, she's absolutely perfect!
Ilya Edward
My mommy always looks back at my newborn pictures to see how big I’ve got! Im 21lbs and 29in long, I am learning to crawl, but right now I army crawl everywhere. I love to eat! My favorite food is bacon and banana. But my least favorite so far is strawberry and peas! I hope you love this picture as much as my momma ♥️
Maya is a happy girl who loves attention and miss Rachel
Layla is happy, energetic, has an infectious smile and laugh! She’s a literal ball of sunshine!
Iviana loves baby dolls, stuffed animals, mrs.Rachel,doggies and Mickey Mouse. Vote for our sweet girl she turns 1 in 4 days🥺
Sienna is a spunky baby girl who is very smart. She loves playing with her big brother and her two dogs. She is learning to walk and has the sweetest dimple filled smile ! Please vote fore our curly haired cutie !
Hi this is Kalvin Raine! He was in born at 37 weeks due to Intrahepatic cholestasis. Kalvin is the most energetic and sweetest baby ever. His personality shines brighter then the sun!
She has a beautiful soul. She was born a preemie and now she is 46months she loves food . She loves animals
My Cataleya is such a beautiful baby. She has a beautiful personality, she loves to go outside and play with her uncles. She’s just a joyful child
Oaklynn is a very active fun loving girl! she is a daddy's girl and is always down to have some giggles! her favorite show is bluey!
Jayden is such a sweetie pie, he is a very shy baby but loves kisses and hugs he is just adorable and loving. He copies his big brother all the time they are inseparable. ❤️ Jayden loves to play and go on adventures and his favorite snack is Carmel rice cakes and dont get me started on chocolate milk shakes 😩🤣
Mac is 9 almost 10 months old! He loves to crawl around or run around in his walker. He loves trying new foods. Mac loves music and Elmo 🫶🏼
I’m a very expressive baby and love to smile at my momma, but I have a attitude out of this world.
This is my son Layton who has just had chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant and still has a smile on his face!🫶🏼
Hi 😁 My name is Ava. I was born at 37weeks earlier & I was only 3.8lbs, I stayed at NiCU for 2weeks and now I’m healthy & a very happy baby, I love to smile and laugh a lot! I love to eat, sleep and play peekaboo, bath time is my favorite and story time with mom and dad.😄I laugh at everything with a smile that could warm your heart.
Eliliana is 8 month old that loves to eat and dance and smile
Zoey is only one month but her personality has no limit
I love too cuddle, eat, and nap!! I'm 16 days old fresh too the world ! I love too look around and hug on mommy and daddy and my sister and nana ❤️
Hi, my name is Edmund! I’m all smiles and something cute about me is that I like to whisper and when someone whispers back at me I think it’s funny🫢☺️
4 months, very smiley 😊 Happy Baby! 😊
Hunter is 4 years old and loves being the bigger brother of his other two siblings. He loves to do anything daddy does, from working in the garage to being in the outdoors. Hunter loves his strider bike and our side X side.
Evalyn is a loving sweet girl she loves to dance and listen to music
Jaxson is about to be 2 ! He loves dinosaurs and trucks and racing ! He love running laughing all that ! If we win money I can guarantee it will be going in a savings account for his future career ! He will be so thrilled to have your vote !!
I love to talk and cuddle. And making sure I have my focused attention mostly on Mommy. Sometimes others can get my attention if they start talking to me. My favorite thing to do is play with my crinkly giraffe and pop ring. My family loves it when i talk, and they actually think i can say "hi" . My down time i like to watch Mickey Mouse Club House !
Waylon is a 4month old little boy who loves to giggle play and of course loves to eat! If we win money it would get put away to start saving for whatever he would like his career to be ! He would be thrilled to have your vote !!
Braylee is the funniest and silliest girl. She loves her mama so much and loves to get into everything. She also loves to dress up.
Alayna is a little butterball of sunshine☀️ She loves her family (especially her mommy), her favorite food is bananas, and she’s always smiling 😁❤️