Daxton is 15 days old. He is a little nicu warrior! He loves cuddling with his mama and listening to daddy read to him.
Za’Rhya Laurae is the best && smartest 8 month on baby you’ll ever meet ‼️💯 My Little Gumball Of Joy Is The Funniest Little One Everrr 🥰🥰
Zhavia is the most sweetest outgoing 4 year old you will ever meet, she is super smart and intelligent she is Native she likes singing dancing and playing at the park with her best friend
Baylee is a fun loving little girl who loves to dance and play pretend.
Aubrey is 3 months old she definitely likes her daddy the most ! She loves bright colors and her big bubby❤️
Zayden likes anything with wheels and loves to go outside. He is definitely a dare devil and is always up for an adventure.
Atlas currently loves to crawl around! She loves Ribs and applesauce! And most definitely beating up her momma up! 😂😂🥰
My name is Nevaeh and I am 5 months old. My favorite things include Cocomelon, my swing, and of course fake coughing & giggling to make everyone laugh. I’ve already got 3 teeth and I’m already trying to crawl. I enjoy spending time with mommy and daddy and going to pick out toys at the store. I would greatly appreciate if you voted for me. Xoxo
Addisyn loves spending time with mommy & her brother. She loves the outdoors , cheerleading , & fishing. She’s one sassy smart little girl.
Mason loves spending time with his mommy & sissy. He loves playing outside and drawing with chalk. He’s such a smart little boy.
Dallas is an amazing sweet boy he loves to be around grandpa and mama🥰
Talon is 2 will be 3 in November he loves animals, playing outside, watching paw patrol, and loves riding mud mowers with his daddy❤️
Nova is my only girl, 3 big brothers and the whole family have her so sassy and rotten! She's forever making everyone around her smile and we can't wait to share her beauty and the love we have for her. Vote!! Vote!! Vote!!!
She loves playing ball, she’s always laughing. She loves going outside.
I'm a sweet little newborn who loves to cuddle. I love my mommy and daddy and am extra happy when they're nearby.
Hi my name is king I love playing and being talked too
Baby Aairis is 2 months old very Jolly baby likes to smile and talk has Beautiful grey eyes loves to hands in most of all loves to eat .
Tyreese Harry Jr
Hi my name is baby Tyreese I love to make people laugh I have the coolest personality ever. I love to listen to music
He love his batman aka batbat!
Luke is goofy, loves lights and his tiger 🐅
Landon is a sweet little guy who is discovering how to use his hands and trying to roll over. He loves any type of water play and smiles all the time. Snuggles are his favorite and he loves laughing at his big brother when he is being silly. I’m more than happy to give you ten votes a day for ten votes for my little cutie!!! Let’s build each other up!!
Addy is a mama's girl but also loves daddy and her big brother. She wants to be miss independent by attempting to sit up and hold her bottle and now rolling over.
Hakeem is 1 year old. He loves Mickey Mouse, motorcycles, dancing & giving kisses.
Jamir Jones
Jamir is a happy baby
Please like our profile so we can get the achievements 🙏🙏🙏🙏 We don’t have FB 🙏🤍🤍🤍Zaeley-Ann is down to earth, she’s fun, loving, adventurous, and super brilliant! She learns so fast, she is the youngest of 5, She loves to sing, dance, and read books, she also loves to watch and sing along with cocomelon🤍 she’s loves her mommy but her daddy the most 🥰 she loves animals🤍 she’s just one of the most precious person our family has been blessed with, she saved our family, 🤍. -PLEASE VOTE FOR HER 🙏🤍🙏🤍
Kayla is the most happy and positive child i could’ve ever asked for, she’s currently suffering with early vision loss and we’re trying to find a way to afford glasses cause insurance will not pay for them :(( every vote is appreciated by the both of us ❤️❤️
Jude is our sweet rainbow baby! He loves his big brother, tummy time, and eating at all hours of the night. He also loves dancing with me to 50s music and snuggling with me to get his beauty rest! 🥰
Willow Rae
Willow Rae is a beautiful baby girl! Only 3 months old and been in hospital for most of her life already being diagnosed with epilepsy and catching sepsis , she is my little fighter
Hi, My name is Brooklyn-Neve All i do is smile,i am such a happy baby, As you can see i love been in my jumperoo need to burn some rolls off now that mammy has got me eating food now. I love my doggies and the dangley things that hang on there head they dont really mind me eating them either 🙂 and i love going for walks in my pram
Araius loves his brothers & watching his sensory videos , he also loves pears 🍐 He is a really happy baby who smiles all the time 🥰
My beautiful rainbow baby is definitely a character. She's definitely going to be a strong individual. She enjoys anything silly and pulling my hair 🤪 she absolutely hates the vacuum
Hunter was a premie. He loves screaming and yelling at everyone when he’s excited. He’s a little dare devil, who loves being in the air. Hunter can almost eat a full can of food. He is a belly sleeper and loves rolling. He wakes up every morning with smiles and laughs.
Taisley Mae is a beautiful blue eyed 1 month old💗 She’s a daddy’s girl and mommy’s world, she loves watching big brother run around and play, and she loves her sleep❤️ Thank you for voting and sharing! Her money will be put into a savings account for when she’s of age
He loves to play with his siblings, mommy and daddy. Starting to explore and crawl around. He’s very smiley and loves to talk.
Geovanni is 15mths old and is a wild child he learned everything early than he expected he loves to play & be around kids to play with he loves cats and dogs he loves his daddy that’s for sure some people has a “Mama’s BOY” but I got a “Daddy’s BOY” he a handful and he loves playing outside and he definitely a water baby from the start he loves swimming and going to the zoo and other fun places Geovanni is our rainbow baby everyone loves him even if we don’t know them they talk and Complement on him he a great baby and definitely smart for his age he spoiled that’s for sure
Aríel is very smart and very very beautiful. She is spoiled rotten, she loves laughing and playing.
Baby E loves to flip and wiggle all over the place, talk all day to mamas hanging plants, and use her lips to show off her mad beatboxing skills! Born early at 4 lb 14 oz she is determined to make every moment a good moment for food!
Garson is a sweet and loving baby! He loves to eat! Loves his mama and daddy! He’s also is about to be a big brother in April!!
Let's exchange votes. This is my one and only miracle baby. He is so sweet. He can hold his head up, grab things, scoot and look around for mom. He loves music, tummy time, and his milk.
This little boy loves eating vegetables. He is a happy and sociable baby.
Amoura is the best character in my book. I love her to pieces for making me laugh everyday and waking up with a smile every morning.
He loves music and playing drums!
Naelisha is a special little girl with her own personality !!Accepting Advance to be returned at a later date thank you
Joseph here loves to watch tv! He laughs with anyone he’s the sweetest ,he likes to chew on his fingers also he loves to dance very happy baby
She has a beautiful smile and loves to watch her tablet and play on her trampoline ♥️ She is full of attitude!
He's such a good and happy baby! Loves attention and getting his way .Loves the outdoors and animals.