Baby Stories - 11


Athena is beyond words the most spunky strong willed girl ever she wants things her way and that’s it she’s so smart and loving (when she wants to be) she loves everyone and baby shark.
Anastasia has a mind of her own and so strong willed when she wants something she will do anything to get it she loves dogs and Olaf
Maelee is soft spoken but so sweet with a little spice she loves everything unicorn and will light up your life with her smile
Scarlett is 5 months old and already has such a cheeky personality! She got her first 2 teeth at 4 months old and is constantly trying to be on the move
Mila is the most kind heart girl ever she has a heart of gold she loves playing with baby dolls and singing
Evelyn (Eevee,yes like the Pokémon.), is a bright 4 month old diva. Shes got lovely bright, blue eyes and dazzling red/brown hair. She loves watching her Daddy play video games and cuddling mommy. Shes got 2 little teeth trying to come in.
Bella is a very happy little girl touches everyone soul and has a great personality that’s my Bell!!!! Also No how to sing her abcs count to 20 and all the colors of the rainbow
Adalyn is almost 2 months old. She loves watching tv and going on car rides and loves to be talked to. Please vote my sweet girl Adalyn Grace!
Maeve is a cheeky nearly 5 month old baby girl. She has the cheekiest sense of humour ever and is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. She loves everything and isn’t at all fussy. 💖
Hi I’m Xy’Havion Devenere Scott I am 2 months old my mommy and daddy put me in this contest because everybody thinks i am soooooo handsome do you think the same if so can you give me some votes please i would really appreciate it so much 🥺❤️
She loves Dolls and helping
Konnor is 7 months! He is always smiling and showing everyone his dimples! He loves balls and playing with his sister! He also loves to say DADA! He is always wanting to stand and will most likely be walking very soon!
My name is Elias. I am 2 months old. I love to laugh, smile, talk, eat my hands, and watch tv. My favorite show is Mickey Mouse. And my favorite time of the day is bath time.
Blaize is almost 2 months old! He loves smiling at his mommy and daddy, his milk milk, and playing on his play mat!
Alaia Maleni
Alaia is such a giggly baby. She loves rubber duckies & unicorns. She loves any food you put infront of her. The best little.girl i could ask for. 💖
Isla is such a cheeky, smiley baby. Loves looking at bright lights and has some hilarious facial expressions.
Hi, my name is Dominic! I am 2 months old (almost 3 months), and I’m a very happy, strong, curious baby boy. I love looking at things that light up, but my new favorite is tummy time! My favorite things to watch are Cocomelon, the NASA channel, and the nature channel with my poppop! You can always put a smile on my face by sitting me up in your lap and giving me my binky. I love laughing with mommy and daddy when they play peek a boo with me and sing to me. I’m their feisty little blessing. ❤️
Hi I’m Kadyn! I’m 4 months old and I’m from Michigan ☺️ My favorite thing to do is smile and laugh and try to make everyone else smile! My mommy thinks that’s why I was born with my 2 bottom teeth 🥰 thank you for voting for me! 💜
He loves to talk and laugh. He was a preemie baby weighed 5lbs 9oz. He is the most lovable and sweetest baby. He was in the NICU for a week he was born at 37 weeks
An adorable 1 month old sweet baby girl 🥰
very happy baby ❤️🥰
Ember is the funniest little thing ever. She adores animals, but cats are her favorite. Enjoys chewing anything she can and this little chunky monkey loves to eat! She would surely appreciate your votes! 💜
She is so expressive and adorable! We call her baby grunts a lot as she is always making funny noises. She also likes to laugh in her sleep which is so cute.
She Loves To Eat, her favorite is dog food 😂🤦‍♀️ She Talks up a storm (gibberish) She loves her 3 doggies , and shes starting to try and walk! Shes also a Mommas & Dadas Girl 💕
Lots of smiles and babbling all day
Genesis Renee
Hi my name is genesis, i was born a month early and I was also born during the covid-19 pandemic. I had to lay under bilirubin lights for two days due to jaundice but im all good now! Im 3 months old. Im the happiest baby, I love smiling, i love being talked to. I Iove when my mommy sings to me. I sleep through the whole night for mommy and daddy! Vote for me ❤️
Alysia is just always wanting to be packed around and loved. Gets into everything she sees and being the sneakiest baby ever!
Lillian loves bottles and balloons 🎈
Kya is the happiest, silliest, smartest little 1 year old. She loves everybody, always giving hugs and blowing kisses. She loves playing with her tea set and her baby dolls. She also loves to eat, and she now has a bunch of molars coming in to help her eat better. She loves talking and says so many words! Her favorite word to say right now is probably dada though. Her mama & dada love her very much!
Rain is my blessing from above. He loves to sleep, eat, poop and pee. He has 2 cute dimples. Mommy and Daddy loves to smother him with kisses. Rain loves to shower his dad with pee pee 🤣
2 years old
He likes to eat and scream lol sorta like his dad😂❤️
Fellicitti loves to crawl or just loves ALL of her daddy’s attention. She’s the cutest nicest baby there is. Always laughing and smiling!
Gunner is my sweet little bashful boy! He’s super smart and very funny once you get to meet him. He loves his animals and his momma and daddy! He loves playing with cars and outside in the garage with his daddy!
Mateo is 2 months old born 9/21 he loves his mama, dada, his 3 older sister, and his older brother. He loves to smile and like relaxing in his bouncer when he is not nursing (which is his favorite thing to do.)
Half dominican, almost 8 months old🥰 she loves to eat and she laugh all the time. she’s a wonderful little girl ♥️
my hemangioma wild child 💙
Naomi Grace
Naomi is a very sweet girl who is going through a lot. She loves to do arts and crafts and loves spending time with her momma and brother. Her favorite thing to do is to dance! She is 5 years old and is such a beauty!💕🥰
Hi! This is Spencer! He's 4 months old and is such a chunk. We love bath time, cuddling, and dinner. Mommy, Daddy and our cousin Stella are our favorite people!
Sweet Handsome little man who loved by everyone! He loves to sleep eat and be held! Who his sisters are crazy obsessed with him❤️ Makes my whole heart full and complete.
Khaleesi is and very happy baby and loves to crawl all over the place and is always moving. She’s 100% a daddy’s girl🥺She has her dads humor and his goofiness but mamas attitude. She loves bath time and going on adventures with her family, and she also loves to meet new people and is so sweet💞 Everyone heat melts when the first meet her and keep melting every time they see her❣️ She’s the life of the party and mamas most loved❤️
She likes listening to baby shark !! She loves her family ❤️ She has a beautiful soul
Ms. Leni Rosita. She loves sleeping and eating. Those are her two favorite things. She loves chilling on mommy’s chest. Or daddy’s chest. Or anyone’s chest. She loves body warmth. Eskimo kisses make Leni smile. Show your love to our pretty Rosita
She loves to sing & dance but don’t get between her and her food, or else.
Charles loves to play outside. He’s a strong little man. Little ladies man.🥰❤️
I’m a sweet, loving, outgoing gal who loves the outdoors and my mommy and daddy. My big smile brightens so many’s day, just one vote could bring many joy with my smile ☺️