Baby Stories - 11


Sweet Basil is 4 months old and full of joy!! She loves laughing and playing 🌿❣️
Isabella loves baby shark & cocomelon. She is my sour patch kid. Just the right amount of sass!
My baby blue eyes such a happy little lady 😍
Sassy spunky redhead! Keeps us on our toes
Elijah is 17 months old. He loves to sing, talk, dance, play, and most importantly he loves to love!
Arrow loves being swaddles and spending time with his momma he us just a little fighter since he was born early and gas already dealt with so much and still in the nicu
Logan is the happiest little boy in the world🌏 He’s always smiling giggling and ready to play. He loves his mama and daddy but definitely favors his Mimi.
Dakota loves to watch Baby Shark adventure in outerspace as she giggles and dance along, loves to play and give snuggles to her big sister, she is a daddy's girl and momma's baby!!
Emmey loves almost anything and anyone! Sweetest baby around!
Hunter is the sweetest little guy ever. He's the only boy out of 3 and loves watching football with momma and daddy.
Aubrie loves to play with her sister, finds it funny when you make noises, has the best smile!
A happy chap who’s always smiling!
Hello, I’m Atticus aka moonpie:). I love my mommy, dogs, smiling and talking! I would love your vote. Thank you! ~moonpie🐢
Memphis is almost 2 months old now. He loves to cuddle with mommy, he loves his swing, and he also loves to make grunt noises to wake me up. He gets all his looks from his daddy. Although, he’ll have my blonde hair 😊
Jaxon is 5mths, he loves to laugh & smile his favorite thing to do is spend time with his family! Jaxon is a happy baby and loves to be around good energy!
Ezra loves his momma and dada. He is always smiling and happy. He loves his cars.
Loving, caring, loves to laugh!
Hi my name is Octavia I'm 1 month old. I love my baths, food, and my pacifier. I'm a big daddy's girl. I love sleeping especially in my mom and dad's arms. I love looking at fish and I love my brothers and sisters (cats). I love going on car rides and walks. I also love sleeping on mommy and pinching daddy.
Winter Ryan
Winter Ryan Lyn Williams She is one month old. She enjoys bath time, tummy time , and going on walks with her mamaw 💛
Loves to be outside playing. Shes always on the go and very sweet. Braelinn likes to help with everything very smart girl
Sammy loves saying the alphabet and counting. He’s also loves his baby brother.
Jackson loves tummy time and his big brother.
Dezzin sean king was born 8/17/21. About 3 hours after ge was born the doct0rs noticed he was having tremors and siezures in his sleep thst was causing him to quit breathing. After keeping my lil man for 2 weeks they allowed him to come home. Ever since hes been home he has made me the happiest i could ever be. He loves cuddling, eating and bathtime. He never cries unless hes trying to tell me something. I love my strong man more than anything. Whether he wins this contest or not, hes still my champ 🥇🏆🤱 .
She is a happy 4 week old. She loves cuddles with mommy, she loves screaming at me when she’s hungry, she loves sleeping, she loves being around her family. She is my bundle of joy 🥰
Baby Madelyn was born at 26 weeks and has been a fighter ever since. She is truly a miracle baby and an angel in our lives. She is always giving hugs and kisses 😘
Xaviers likes the outsides, and the zoo. He loves playing with his baby brother. He also loves playing hide-n-seek with mommy. He’s a courageous little boy, and full of life.
Grayson’s a happy loving almost 6 month old little boy. He was my miracle baby that shouldn’t of made it, but here we are almost 6 months later killing it. Our favorite things are mama, bananas, toy story and never being put down 💖
Knox is a wild one. He loves the outdoors, loves to play soccer and loves his mommas cuddles. He’s purely the most photogenic baby boy I know! He never doesn’t have a smile on his face! Hes ready to be a big brother! He loves with his whole heart!
Mason Malachi
Mason is 6 months old & the most adorable baby boy . He loves getting milk drunk 🥴. Watching tv , tummy time & sitting in his walker . He is definitely already a ladies man 😂.
His Real Name Is Cy’Aire , He Loves Watching Tv And Playing With His Teddy Bear , He’s Literally A Dream Come Try , Doesn’t Cry Unless He’s Hungry Or Has A Poopy Diaper , He Sleeps All Night Long , He’s Literally The Baby I Prayed For .
Mason Malachi
Mason Malachi born on April 8th 2021..He loves to sleep 😴 & he also loves to get milk drunk 🍼 🤣 ,he enjoys being cuddled & tummy time 😊 he is 6 months old & the cutest baby boy . Vote for my sweet bundle of joy ♥️
Jaren is a smart happy baby!!!he really loves music and dancing a very determined lil man!!
7 month old who is a little menace crawling, climbing and eating everything in sight and so desperately wants to walk!
Kaisen is one month old! He loves chewing on his fingers, looking around and taking in the world around him! He loves snuggles and holding mommy’s fingers!
Ayla is a very happy baby that loves watching sesame street and hey bear fruits 😊 She as the cutest smile I ever seen 😍❤️
Oakley Rae loves her big bows and sitting on horses. ❤️
He loves tummy time, likes car rides, and loves to go on walks in his stroller with mom! He also loves to talk!
She is a happy 6 month old baby girl that likes to fake cough and pretend she is sick thanks to her mamaw lol
Raven was my wife & I first kitty together. Raven is a tough little girl. She is all girl she can be loving, playful and very cuddly when she wants to be. She loves to noni on our blanket while we are in bed, and she loves giving us wet kisses while we are lying in bed. Raven has a little sister from a different litter named Sarah. Raven in definitely the leader of our 5 kitty pack.
Hi this is Noemi my little cupcake.. She likes playing and cuddling all the time and she is very cute.
My handsome little man is 14 months and is the smartest most bright little boy I know , he loves dancing , music and playing with all his toys he’s super sweat loves to smile and show off his big blue eyes 😍💙
Noah is a happy baby he's always smiling and laughing and is my bundle of joy
Sour patch kid! First she’s sour then she’s sweet 👑
Ladies man!
Baby kyky is a sweetie pie , he likes paw patrol the most .
Nova is 3 months old & already has so much personality! She loves to smile and laugh. She loves her milk & her lullabies too… but not as much as she loves her mommy!🥰🥰🥰 She’s definitely an angel sent from heaven 🤣💕
Archie is such a happy little soul he has a big smile for everyone he sees. He’s honestly brought so much joy into my life 💙