Baby Stories - 11


Xavier is 4months old and was born on Friday the 13. He is a happy baby who loves reading time and being sang too. He is a mommas boy and his best friend is his brother King Kai
Meet Logan James Herlihy, born 2/15/21 at 11:24PM in the middle of the Texas ice storm weighing in at 8 pounds, 1 ounce. He was our only viable embryo from our first round of IVF during the coronavirus pandemic. I also came down with COVID while I was pregnant with him during the first trimester. Luckily, he wasn’t affected by the virus and maintained protected in the womb. During the birth, I stopped dilating after 7cm and had to undergo a c-section at the last minute after 20 hours of labor. His heart rate also dropped twice during the contractions that created a cause for concern. He truly is a miracle baby that we’ve been blessed with and are thankful for everyday. This photo was taken by my husband and his daddy in the delivery room just minutes after he was born.
She is such a happy baby her smile brightens up the whole room and she is hands-down a daddy’s girl💕💕
Sophia loves spongebob and frozen! She is about to be a big sister in just a few short days! She’s so funny and loves to play with animals and kids so much!
Madilynn is A very smart and outgoing 1 year old . She is always happy with a big smile on her face .
Sebastian loves to play outside and help his great grandmother garden 💙
The most cheeky boy ever !! Loves his milk and loves chicken nuggets.
Liam is one month, loves naps and eating. His smile is contagious and he lights up any room he walks in to!
Bentley Allen Storm
His birthday is 01/01/2018 He loves to Dance! He loves to play, especially with daddy! He loves to eat, Especially French fries! He loves to get into Everything he isn’t supposed to! His favorite toy is his stuffed Fox🦊 He’s loves Everyone!❤️
My little man means the absolute world to me and he is such a good happy little baby. My whole world lies within this little guy, I didnt think it was possible to love someone this much.
Marquis is super energetic and loves to box. He has an amazing personality and is very silly. He loves to give his little brother kisses. He loves anything that has to do with Dinosaurs.
Zayden and I almost didn't make it thru his birth. He was a miracle pregnancy and now my miracle baby. He's such a special little boy
This is Miss Laken Rae! She is 6 months old and the most loving talkative neediest and Happiest baby. She loves her mommy and daddy the most she’s oddly obsessed with her daddy he’s probably her favorite person besides grandma of course. She loves loves when it’s time to eat. Not crawling yet but she will army crawl and pull herself to wherever she wants to go which is everywhere of course lol.
Hello, I'm Ofelia aka "Ofelly" to my big sister and my stuffed animal friends. My hobbies include screeching along to"Frozen" songs, chewing everything on sight, and smiling.
Oaklynn loves sleeping, eating, and loves being held. She enjoys looking around at different things going on. She is a very happy baby, that loves all the attention she can get!
Esperanza is always happy and smiling. She’s easy to please. She loves Harry the bunny and learning about shapes and colors. She loves Abby Cadabby and Rudy. She also really loves Sophia Petrello (yes, the Golden Girl😂). She loves to dance and bop and sing. She is a joy to everyone she meets. A beautiful child, inside and out.
Jo jo likes to nap and play with his brother. He likes to eat and play
Mason loves his naps. He love to stare at mommy and daddy in the eyes while frowning lol. Mason is a month old. He loves to be held and get talked to. He has such beautiful bright eyes.
Kennedy is a sweet, kind, funny, and smart girl. She loves her puppies and learning new things.
Cecelia was 5 weeks early and spent 4weeks in the NiCu learning how to breathe on her own. She is a fighter and through it all she is always smiling! Can’t believe she’s gonna be 8months on the 3rd! She loves rolling around and she’s even looking like she might start crawling soon! We love her and she brings so much joy in our lives ❤️
Sweet baby jay, sunshine everyday 🌞💗😊
Haizley is the sweetest, happiest baby I know! She is always smiling and loves telling stories! She is so smart and strong already I can’t wait to see what the future holds!
Milani loves to sleep most of the day but when she’s up she loves to just look around at everything and smile. Her favorite thing to do besides sleeping is eating lol. She’s such a good baby.
Brynn is very affectionate, sweet and caring. She always wants people to be happy and brightens up the room! She is very smart and eager to learn. Cover photo credit of sweetpeaz photography
Miss Daisy loves her picture taken! She is such a ham for the camera lol. So we thought this would be a fun thing to do! Just for fun and to vote for all the other cute babies 🥰
Dee J
Very smart pretty baby
She loves to crawl all around the floor and watch Elmo. Her favorite food is bananas
Smiling, smiling and smiling some more!
Ian loves bath time. He’s such a happy baby and loving baby.
Elliaunna is a very happy and healthy baby, she likes her Elmo toy a lot. He laughs she laughs along with him
This is my youngest granddaughter. She is such a smart little girl for being 2. I love watching her grow, every day is such a happy day with her.
sya is a very happy ,smart,and active girl who has a beutiful smile
Hi everyone ! My name is Elijah , I’m 2 months old ! I love bath time , cuddling mommy & daddy , I just found my voice recently & I love making noises ! I’m a happy baby I’m smiling all the time , oh and eating allll the time ( that’s my most favorite thing to do )
Aurora Grace loves to smile and cuddle with mommy and daddy. She a very strong and brave little snowflake.
Hi, I’m Kloee, I love to watch woody the woodpecker. I absolutely love talking, I talk all the time. I like to listen to music, I have super long cute eye lashes, and love to stare into your soul with my beautiful big brown eyes. 4 months old, Mexican, happiest lil girl. ❤️
He’s a happy and amazing little boy..
Wyatt’s favorite thing to do is eat snacks and smile! He’s the most playful sweetheart and everyone who meets him would surely agree.
Tyler is a very active and alert baby. He loves to smile and be held by everyone. Everyone loves his chubby chipmunk cheeks. Race: black Hair: light brown Eyes: change colors- grey, blue, and green
Heavenly is the baby sister of 3 little girls heavenly loves to dance andvplay
Hi, my name is Arianna, I'm little baby girl and I love to spend time with mum and dad, to watch peppa pig in television, and I'm so happy when I go to school and play with my friend. Generally I'm a smiling girl happy and curious. Thank you for your vote.!!!!
Tribune is the happiest baby around. Always smiling and giggling. He loves to stand lately and has 2 teeth with 2 more coming! Hes the light of my life. Truely.
Aubrielle is a spunky little 3 month old with loads of personality! Her favorite things are bath time and silly faces 🤪
Kiara-Ada was born 2 weeks early due to being small for her size at 5lb 11oz. She loves wearing her bonnets & playing with her unicorn teddy! 🦄💋
Aida And Aubree
Aida and Aubree are beautiful twin girls with very different personalities and are creative and loving beyond belief!
He Is So Smart & Funny & Sweet & Loves Being Outside Even If Its Cold .. He's Definitely A Daddys Boy !