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2 months · Avondale

5th World and 1st Arizona ranking in the Boy's contest which ended 10 days ago.
Prizes won: $500 + 2000 votes
1753 €

He loves to stretch smile baby talk he enjoys his Naptime. Likes to be changed into new clothes and loves his hair to be combed. He also enjoys stretching.



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Sergio Pena P.
Sergio Pena P. My Boy is so bright, intelligent, has his exercise routine. 🤩
Maddison M.
Maddison M. What a cutie pie! Would you like to exchange 10 daily votes?
Sergio P.
Sergio P. Yea we can I used a few today already.
Maddison M.
Maddison M. Sweet I’ll give you ten votes!!
Jamesclark B. N.
Jamesclark B. N. Liked his profile
Sergio P.
Sergio P. My baby is so handsome!
Marcia W.
Marcia W. Exchange votes?
Sergio Pena P.
Sergio Pena P. So adorable I'm the most happiest Dad ever..