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4 yo · Ambler

Contest over
1843rd World and 67th Pennsylvania ranking in the Girl's contest which ended 16 days ago.

Alyssa is smart kind and so funny. She's so full of love and spunk!! She adores her family, she's an Irish twin with her brother Patrick, her 18 year old brother is always there when she needs her! At the end of the day she's a mama's girl through and through🥰 She loves to sing, dance and take pict...



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Nicole G.
Nicole G. We love you princess!!
Diana T.
Diana T. We love you!!
Daniella Q.
Daniella Q. You gor this baby girl. Titi loves you
Diana T.
Diana T. I love you more Titi
Missy T.
Missy T. So Precious
Diana T.
Diana T. Thank you so much!! If Eveleth keeps voting she could win!!
Diana T.
Diana T. Everyone
Joseph H.
Joseph H. Daddy loves you princess