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5 yo · East Providence

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11th World and 1st Rhode Island ranking in the Girl's contest which ended a day ago.
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Amilya is beautiful, fun loving, feisty ❤️‍🔥, caring, the biggest Red Sox fan, we could go on and on about her 💞. Everyone she meets just gravitates to her. She loves to help people, sing, dance and play with her “real life dolls”. She’s always smiling and laughing. There is never a dull moment in...



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Emilie Roger3
Emilie Roger3 Échange de 10 vote par jours avec Reiko ??
Odette C
Odette C Cara A. Do you accept exange of 10 per day between Amilya 💕 and my Sunny ? 😸🐾💕. Sunny
Cara A.
Cara A. Voted for Sunny 😊
Lorri P.
Lorri P. Amilya is everything her mom said she is and more! Very friendly and outgoing too! Plays nice with her peers.