Nose, Face, Cheek, Joint, Skin, Shoulder, Eyebrow, Eyes, Facial Expression, Mouth, Smile, Neck, Human Body, Sleeve, Iris, Happy, Gesture, Eyelash, Person


4 months · Milwaukee

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He is an amazing bubbly 4 month old boy who haves the eyes and his smile lights up the room! And he also enjoys his peekaboo elephant! He is just advanced to be four months old ( he is totally adorable)❤️❤️



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Marsha W.
Marsha W. The happiest baby I ever seen in my life and he is my nephew I love you so much
Linda V. W.
Linda V. W. My Tukey lukey always happy granny loves you to the 🌙 and bk❤️😘😘
Rick D.
Rick D. 🏀❤️🏈❤️⚾️
Charles V.
Charles V. Of my love
Marsha W.
Marsha W. My nephew is so adorable and he is a pleasure to have in my life! He just makes my heart melt
Linda V. W.
Linda V. W. Hi my name is Alonzo and I’m 4mos old ❤️