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5 yo · Martinsburg


Hi my name is Cora I been though a lot of battles in my life but came though them like a soldier n fighters for my life n very strong little girl u wouldn't believe it tht I was born the way I was my birth date/ due date was supposed to be on Dec.15th,2017 but I was born early at 5 months weighting ...



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Melisa K.
Melisa K. I had a rough birth being born had to be in the NICU till my due date n born early at 5 months n weighing 1pounds n having tubes to feed me n barley could eat or hold anything down or so n has to be on oxygen most of my life with a oxygen box n cores on me every where I went to live n more but I don't look like it hard to believe it but I had fight so many battles n stay strong n bounce back from it n come this far from it in my life to be where I'm standing now all I have to say n thanks is God n for blessing me to make. It though this battle snuggles in my life n my mommy also