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9 months · Lafayette

304th World and 7th Indiana ranking in the Boy's contest which ended 14 days ago.
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Mikey was born 2 months premature...Hes now 9 months old very vocal loves people and loves to laugh and smile.. In his 9 months he has been diagnosed with Covid RSV Flu and he just keeps beating the odds so hes no doubt my miracle baby....



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Michael H.
Michael H. I want all families to know that no matter what all children are beautiful rather 1rst place or last place all kids are beautiful...
Janet H.
Janet H. When is it over
Gudtime K.
Gudtime K. I love my grandson Mike ur a good dad love u son
Cassina W.
Cassina W. He loves you so, so much. Your bond with each other is beautiful 🥰
Michael H.
Michael H. Hes Definitely the air i breathe