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5 months · Middletown

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Iyla Is 4 months old she enjoys accomplishing milestones, she is adorable, cute, sweet, beautiful and alert!



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Jamie P.
Jamie P. Would you like to exchange votes? 10 for 10 throughout the day😊 (I’m on the boys side)
Michelle L. T.
Michelle L. T. . Exchange votes? My contest ends 11/24 (boys) Please vote for my Scion he is currently in third!!
Sarah M.
Sarah M. I’m trying to figure out how anyone else is winning 🤷🏻‍♀️ 😬…my niece makes angels!!! 📣💥🎤
Bre J.
Bre J. Would you like to trade votes ?
Grecia B. R.
Grecia B. R. Hi would you help me over on the boy side by voting for me please 💙🙏🏼 Thx ☺️ Kairo
Cece Lynn
Cece Lynn Bonjour je ne sais pas s'il me reste de la place mais je vous propose d'essayer d'échanger 10/jour si vous pouvez ? Angélique Merci
Yazmin P. C.
Yazmin P. C. shes besutiful GBH
Mercedes H.
Mercedes H. Thank you 💜