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4 months · Goliad

30th World and 5th Texas ranking in the Girl's contest which ended 4 days ago.
Prize won: $250
467 €

Averi loves sticking her tongue out at everyone! This little girl is always smiling! This is her first photo contest, so we’d like to thank everyone for stopping by and checking us out, even if you don’t happen to vote🥰



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Megan W.
Megan W. Exchange votes? 10 for 10
Shonda S.
Shonda S. She is gorgeous!
Shayleigh S.
Shayleigh S. thank you hunny!!🫶🏻💗💗
Grecia B. R.
Grecia B. R. Would you like to exchange votes with Kairo
Shannon S.
Shannon S. My granddaughter she so beautiful
Via L.
Via L. Exchange votes 10 for 10 Sevyn
Soga Fam
Soga Fam 10 for 10 votes a day? My contest ends 11/24 . Please vote for my sweet boy Logan
Shayleigh S.
Shayleigh S. voted!🫶🏻