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3 yo · Kissimmee

Contest over
867th World and 29th Florida ranking in the Christmas Contest 🎄🎅🏻's contest which ended a year ago.
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Vote for my Hazel green eyed model 🫶🏼 her words “I want to be famous” she’s so small but has a big personality. THIS will be her SECOND time participating pls vote vote vote!



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Jamie P.
Jamie P. Would you like to exchange votes? 10 for 10 throughout the day😊 (Boys side for me)
Mesenfants M.
Mesenfants M. Smoky echange?
Soga Fam
Soga Fam Wow! She’s gorgeous ! 10 for 10 votes a day? My contest ends 11/24 . Please vote for my sweet boy Logan
Luz B.
Luz B. Yes let’s do It!! 🫶🏼
Grecia B. R.
Grecia B. R. Hi would you help me over on the boy side by voting for me please 💙🙏🏼 Thx ☺️ Kairo
Christina R.
Christina R. She’s the most beautiful little girl 😍😍😍
Olga H.
Olga H. She’s the most smartest precious little girl I know and a worshipper she loves to sing
Luz B.
Luz B. How much more beautiful can she get?! She deserves to be famous for how perfect she is 💕