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8 months · Monroe

Contest over
Cedari finished 3213th in the Boy’s contest which ended 15 days ago.

Cedari is a very smart boy, he loves Jesus and already loves watching football and basketball.



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Latoya B.
Latoya B. Let’s get it Cedari 🤴 💜 👑
Jackie O.
Jackie O. Hey 👋🏾! Would you like to do an advance or exchange votes?! We can return 5,000 MAX! Contest ends in 4 days! Thanks from team Amiya 👑💓✨
Angelie T. M.
Angelie T. M. Cedari is super smart as a infant. He brings so much joy 🤩. You can’t help but love him. 🥰
Lisa K.
Lisa K. He is soo adorable ❤️❤️❤️
Renea S.
Renea S. Vote for Cedari!!