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8 months · Attica

Contest over
606th World and 26th Indiana ranking in the Girl's contest which ended 18 days ago.

Elli for short, is our little cystic fibrosis warrior!! She loves to be on the move, try all sorts of food and is always giving off her vibrant smile!



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Tiffaney D.
Tiffaney D. Yes she is..Id vote for her anyday,if i wasent voting for my grandaughter.Beautiful lil girl.
Fabuloso F.
Fabuloso F. such a doll baby..Very beautiful baby.
Kelsi D.
Kelsi D. Thank you!
Catoftheseas hello 😁 would you like to vote exchange 10 votes daily with Gabby plz comment back on my page so I see 🤗🥰
Brooke R.
Brooke R. Exchange votes! Shes adorable
Kelsi D.
Kelsi D. Yes! 💞