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8 months · Boston

2nd World and 1st Massachusetts ranking in the Boy's contest which ended 9 days ago.
Prizes won: $1,500 + 2000 votes
2415 €

Mateo is a fun 7 months old who love to explore everything he can. At his short age Mateo has shown us that he loves the camera. He is always smiling and interacting with other children.



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Jaclyn S.
Jaclyn S. Vote exchange? I’ll help you if you help me too! ❤️ Rylee
Patricia C.
Patricia C. bonsoir une avance de votes à me rendre en novembre vous intéresse Mèlina
Ish J.
Ish J. Hello would you like to exchange votes. Advance votes for return in my next August Girls contest?
Candice Korreckt
Candice Korreckt Vote for beau and we can exchange votes
Tayla M.
Tayla M. Hello could you advance my daughter 5000 votes I could return to any contest that ends after July 22
Mateo G.
Mateo G. hello this contest ends in 10 days if you can give us whatever you like I would exchange thank you
Tayla M.
Tayla M. Okay yes exchange is good will start later today
Madison B
Madison B Vote for amari? :) exchange votes?
Mateo G.
Mateo G. hello out contest end in 8 days whatever you can give us we will exchange thank you
Abbigail H.
Abbigail H. Vote for Charlotte?
Anais Denis
Anais Denis Bonjour, nous chercher à recevoir des bonus jusqu'à 20.000 max que je vous rend à votre concours Théo
Jackie O.
Jackie O. Hey 👋🏾! Would you like to do an advance or exchange votes?! We can return 5,000 MAX! Contest ends in 4 days! Thanks from team Amiya 👑💓✨
Mateo G.
Mateo G. Hi Jackie we just did 5,000 exchange for Amiya thanks so much
Jackie O.
Jackie O. Thank you so much, much appreciated! Will return to your future competition! 🙏🏾👑💓✨
Mateo G.
Mateo G. you can return it to this one!! our competition ends in 10 days. Thanks You!
Monique Z.
Monique Z. Hello Matteo exchange Panga
Madalina V. V.
Madalina V. V. Coucou, David n'est actuellement pas inscrit au concours mais propose des votes par anticipation pour son prochain concours. Si vous voulez des votes à l'avance, vous pouvez les écrire sur son mur. Bonne chance !
Elidania T.
Elidania T. so cutest 🥰🥰
Junior M.
Junior M. Grandpa little prince👌
Elizabeth R.
Elizabeth R. 😘😘😘