Sunglasses, Pink, Finger, Cool, Goggles, Happy, Thigh, Beard, Fun, Eyewear, Leisure, Wrist, Human Leg, Magenta, Street Fashion, Elbow, Foot, Sandal, Knee, Waist, Person


2 yo 1 Month · North Augusta

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Kehlani is my smart, energetic, & loving 2 year old 💛. She loves playing outdoors, exploring new places, and spending time with her family! Vote for my baby girl 🦋



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Kristi C.
Kristi C. What a darling would you like to trade votes? Already sent one!
Atlas S.
Atlas S. Trade votes?
Ann K.
Ann K. Awww what a cutie
Robertnyviie J.
Robertnyviie J. Would u like to exchange votes 20 a day until contest ends?
Ivana N.
Ivana N. Sure!
Robertnyviie J.
Robertnyviie J. Sorry I just seen your message I can start tomorrow morning 5/13 and I'll give u the one bk as well