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6 months · Joplin

647th World and 16th Missouri ranking in the Boy's contest which ended 18 days ago.
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Our Ebug 🐛 is such a flirty, happy boy! He loves to laugh, giggle, and play all day! He loves meeting everyone but especially the ladies! he had a rough start having jaundice not once but 2x and being admitted to a childrens hospital for almost his first 6 weeks of life 🥺 but now almost 6 months I...



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Cabbage Patch Doll
Cabbage Patch Doll He's is the cutest nephew a girl could ask for!! Auntie Mimi loves you Ezra!!❤️❤️
Janet E.
Janet E. He is absolutely ADORABLE!!!
Brooklyn J.
Brooklyn J. Thank you so much! 🥰