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1 Month · East Prairie

68th World and 3rd Missouri ranking in the Girl's contest which ended 15 days ago.
Prizes won: $200 + 400 votes
278 €

Sadie is a month old🥰 she loves talking to her daddy and taking naps with momma❤️ She also loves taking baths but hates getting out of them🥴 you should vote for our girl because we are wanting to start her a savings account for when she turns 18❤️



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Mildred B.
Mildred B. Well Sadie, I kept you going. Congrats.
Mildred B.
Mildred B. I have put in 26,000 votes for you. You have stayed in top 3rd in Missouri. Beautiful great granddaughter.
Judy L.
Judy L. Go vote for my Beautiful Great Granddaughter....