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11 months · Forest Park

195th World and 9th Ohio ranking in the Boy's contest which ended 20 days ago.
Prize won: 400 votes
94 €

His name is spelled Ka’Syn…He brings joy when he comes into any room…He loves Bob the train has lots of energy, his smile is everything



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Keisha L.
Keisha L. So handsome 🥰 Lets go KaSyn 💪🏾♥️
Zina S.
Zina S. He's sooo handsome he makes me smile😍
Tiffany Brielle
Tiffany Brielle He is such a Lil Handsome fly guy💚
Lonie B.
Lonie B. He is always happy
Tamarra L.
Tamarra L. One of the happiest babies you will ever meet 💕💕💕💕