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Forehead, Nose, Cheek, Skin, Lip, Chin, Hand, Eyebrow, Facial Expression, Mouth, Eyelash, Ear, Neck, Jaw, Iris, Gesture, Finger, Chest, Happy, Toddler, Person


9 months · Murphy

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Myah is my little ray of sunshine in a field of daisies. She loves food the most and her dada second🥰 her best friend is a lab🐶 and her fav thing to do is talk🥰



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Betty J.
Betty J. She is adorable!
Delisa M.
Delisa M. She’s the cutest little girl ever. Her smile lights up your day!!
Jasz G.
Jasz G. So Adorable!!
Janet D.
Janet D. Best personality for being 9 months. So sweet and makes the room a happy place.❤️
George M.
George M. Sweeter than cotton candy and twice as sticky
George M.
George M. sweetnest personified
Ariel L.
Ariel L. the most beautiful little girl🥰
Patty N.
Patty N. Sweetest baby girl
Delisa M.
Delisa M. Myah is a sweet ray of sunshine. Just seeing that beautiful smile and face lights up your whole day!!! Gods little angel….
Patty N.
Patty N. Muah can brighten up any room she is in.Her smile is contagious.
Savanah C.
Savanah C. She’s so precious! 💕
Destiny S.
Destiny S. So cute💕
Amber S.
Amber S. LOVE 😍