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4 months · Port St. Lucie

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Hanna M.
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Debbie F.

I’m okay with exchanging votes, just message me or comment. Bella is very high spirited, loves attention and her corgi. There’s no one I could ever love more. She is truly a blessing and deserves the world.



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Olivia R.
Olivia R. 10 votes a day exchange?💕 Israel
Stephanie M.
Stephanie M. Trop belle 🥰🥰🥰
Stephanie M.
Stephanie M. Bonjour serais vous intéressée par un échange de 10v par jour Prince
Cait C.
Cait C. Would you like to exchange votes? Your baby is adorable!
Hanna M.
Hanna M. Sure and so is yours!
Cait C.
Cait C. Thank you! Akintola
Hanna M.
Hanna M. Voted! ❤️