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5 months · South Huntington

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Meet Landon James! He’s 5 months old and probably the happiest baby ever. His smile is contagious and everybody who has met him (strangers alike) has left with a smile as big as his. He has 5 dog siblings who love him just as much as he loves them. He loves hanging with his pop pop and wiggling arou...



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Cait C.
Cait C. Would you like to exchange votes? Akintola your baby is adorable!
Valérie A.
Valérie A. Hello👋.Would you be interested in an exchange of 10 or 20 votes per day, until January 20 included, between your child and my old disabled dog Lascar who competes to win 50 € for a donation to the Society for the Protection of Animals who really need? Please answer, even negatively, on Lascar's wall 🐕Lascar
Suzanne P.
Suzanne P. Beautiful baby boy inside and out ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️