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4 months · Burlington

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Elijiah is my 2nd baby. 10 years later his brother is 11 Gabriel. Elijiah is everything I never knew was missing. He makes everything better. His smile is so big his eyes just light up.. talking about him makes me tear up.. Grateful for my baby and we would be very grateful for any votes



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Victoria H.
Victoria H. Elijiah Aaron You are amazing so many people alot alot who dont even know you voted. Your aunties did a few..end of the day Im a proud Mom
Victoria H.
Victoria H. Elijiah and Mom day Gabes at school we just learn and play all day, for 4onths hes doing to much lol
Victoria H.
Victoria H. 💙💙 Its the eyes for me
Victoria H.
Victoria H. Loves his big brother, admires him, everytime he walks by his eyesare glued. Never imagined another child.. im so grateful
Victoria H.
Victoria H. William Gabriel 11 Finally a big brother Elijiah Aaron 💙💙
Victoria H.
Victoria H. First Christmas with Meme and Family
Victoria H.
Victoria H. Moment on each time he wakes its smiles and no matter how tired i am at 4 am this boy shows me so much love. Just 4 months old. Hes brought such joy to my life my sons. Family of 3
Victoria H.
Victoria H. Every morning he wakes up happy with a big smile, i remember him 2 weeks old.. I was over exhausted pumping one side breast-feeding the other Finally got to sleep and he woke i went to close my eyes, opened them and there he was smiling still..From that day on
Victoria H.
Victoria H. Elijiah is such a sweet baby boy "for now" lol His smile truly makes everything bad disappear,,
Victoria H.
Victoria H. If even for a moment its amazing this boy is definitely one of a kind