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Rexleigh Elora-grace Dover

14 months · Vilonia

837th World and 14th Arkansas ranking in the Girl's contest which ended 10 days ago.

Hello world i was born September 21, 2021. My mommy and daddy like to call me by my nickname Rex💗 Im a super smily baby, giggling is my expertise, especially when mommy and daddy are doing something funny. I love to kick my feet, chew my hands, and scream! I love storytime and when mommy sings to m...



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Mandy H
Mandy H She’s a beautiful little baby! Congratulations
Mandy H
Mandy H I always feel there is enough prizes for all the photogenic amazing girls and reach out to other mommy’s like my self and do a vote for a vote?
Gabryella O.
Gabryella O. I Hope you enjoy some of the pictures that my mommy captured of me from my first day on earth to now