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Lillian Analiese

11 months · Millbury

464th World and 9th Massachusetts ranking in the Girl's contest which ended 3 months ago.

Hello I'm Lillian Analiese a.k.a Little Lily Bean. I'm a little peanut and I just love the camera! Much love to all and thank you all for your support!



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Janiene H.
Janiene H. Ciara
Janiene H.
Janiene H. Vote from Ciarra
Cheryl R.
Cheryl R. Hello post échange for Luna
Ashley C.
Ashley C. Voted ❤️
Laura Biscoe
Laura Biscoe Votes from Dusty
Harlene D.
Harlene D. Thank you so much I also voted for Dusty!
Laura Biscoe
Laura Biscoe Thank you ❤ now doing 10 more x
Laura Biscoe
Laura Biscoe Now doing 10 xx
Laura Biscoe
Laura Biscoe Doing 10 more x
Joël Roserau
Joël Roserau Hi Harlene, would you like exchange 10 daily with ? Thanks for your reply 😊
Isabelle V.
Isabelle V. Hello, +10 in case of 😉 If you can't exchange, these votes are 🎁🌹
Khalaya D.
Khalaya D. One vote from
Harlene D.
Harlene D. Thank you I voted back.
Karen B. C.
Karen B. C. isnt this the sweetest pic of Lily Bean pumpkin pie!
Ca G.
Ca G. Im voting every chance i can hope you win ❤ shes a doll baby
Kimberly V.
Kimberly V. Nonna loves you Lil!!!😘