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10 months · Apache Junction

1002nd World and 12th Arizona ranking in the Girl’s contest which ended 10 hours ago.

Hi there! I’m Kyla and I absolutely love dogs, my mom and dad, and as cute as I am, I love destroying ANYTHING in my path! I also love to test how loud I can scream! Thanks for passing by and be sure to leave a vote please!💕 ps: I vote back! Up to 30 votes a day! Any advanced votes WILL BE RETURNED...



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Dorothy D.
Dorothy D. Do you want to exchange 10 per day ?
Dorothy D.
Dorothy D. I voted twice already let me know in my wall then I’ll cont
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Kimberly B. Hi! Do you want to exchange? George
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Kimberly B. Let me know on my wall 🥰
Saida Y.
Saida Y. Hello mes 10 votes sont finis à tomorow 11/10/2021 for my Cats TIGROU et bouboule 😻 Saïda y