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Hair, Joint, Skin, Smile, Hairstyle, Shoulder, Facial Expression, Leg, Purple, Neck, Textile, Fashion, Thigh, Pink, Knee, Black Hair, Magenta, Lap, Trunk, Happy, Person, Joy


5 yo · Springfield

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$150 + 400 votes

Bella is a 5yr old smart out going Lil girl . She loves music (dancing rapping and singing) she enjoys doing TikToks sand having long conversations. She’s very funny and anyone around her just loves her energy ❤️ VOTE FOR MY BABY 🥰



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Daisey A.
Daisey A. I gifted her votes good look Bella
Carrie K.
Carrie K. Exchange votes with Ashley ?:)
Shanice S.
Shanice S. Vote for vote ?
Yahaira L P.
Yahaira L P. Sure 🤞🏾
Shanice S.
Shanice S. That’s her link thank you 🤞🏻
Martine C.
Martine C. Lavande exchange votes dîtes nous sur le mur merci bcp et combien on peut faire