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Grayson Tyler

2 yo · Southgate

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1624th World and 44th Michigan ranking in the Boy’s contest which ended 3 days ago.

Grayson is a big brother to his 3 month old sister. Loves smiling and pictures. Never a dull day when hes around he will make anyone and every one laugh and have a good time. His favorite thing is to help mommy with his sissy. Came into this world at 31 weeks 6.5 weeks in nicu weighing 3lbs 13oz. H...



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Gayle P.
Gayle P. Aunties handsome little man!
Cyndy A.
Cyndy A. He sure is a handsome lil fella ☺️
Karie P.
Karie P. Grammies Big Boy!!!! You make my heart smile 😍😍😍
Linda M. M.
Linda M. M. GrandNanas handsome little guy ❤️
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Nose, Face, Cheek, Skin, Head, Outerwear, Eyes, Human Body, Wood, Comfort, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Sleeve, Iris, Toddler, Baby, Sitting, Child, Wool, Person
Face, Joint, Comfort, Smile, Sleeve, Wood, Finger, Elbow, Sneakers, Knee, Chair, Fun, Child, Sitting, Leisure, T-shirt, Toddler, Electric Blue, Room, Hardwood, Person, Joy
Nose, Cheek, Skin, Chin, Eyebrow, Smile, Mouth, Jaw, Flash Photography, Ear, Iris, Eyelash, Wood, Happy, Toddler, Fun, Child, Baby, Room, Laugh, Person
Cheek, Smile, Mouth, Cap, Finger, Baseball Cap, Happy, Toddler, Hat, Child, Chest, Trunk, Thumb, Elbow, Fun, Baby, Barechested, Room, Abdomen, Sitting, Person, Joy, Headwear
Skin, Mouth, Comfort, Human Body, Textile, Window, Toddler, Wood, Happy, Tree, Beauty, Car Seat, Fun, Child, Human Leg, Furry friends, Room, Sitting, Toy, Person
Comfort, Textile, Sleeve, Baby, Toddler, Electric Blue, Sitting, Child, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Elbow, Person, Headwear
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Skin, Hand, Plant, Wood, Smile, People In Nature, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Grass, Happy, Toddler, Hardwood, Tree, Leisure, Plank, Wood Stain, Baby, Wood Flooring, Child, Person