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16 months · United Kingdom

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Lucas is typical boy loves jumping of the sofas and playing with his little sister. Best of all loves toy story with cuddles and kisses



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Child, Head, Grass, Leaf, Fun, Toddler, Happy, Lawn, Smile, Person, Joy
Grass, Fun, Lawn, Child, Tree, Plant, Leisure, Smile, Person
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Child, Face, White, Black, Facial Expression, Baby, Toddler, Black-and-white, Skin, Head, Cheek, Eyes, Monochrome, Photography, Black & White, Smile, Sitting, Room, Portrait Photography, Person
Child, Skin, Baby, Head, Baby Products, Nose, Toddler, Eyes, Baby Safety, Selfie, Infant Bed, Technology, Electronic Device, Finger, Bed, Person
Water, Child, Fun, Leisure, Person, Joy, Headwear
Child, Toddler, Play, Person, Joy
Swing, Outdoor Play Equipment, Child, Recreation, Toddler, Person, Joy, Headwear
Tree, Leaf, Plant, Person, Headwear
Child, Toddler, Baby, Baby Products, Nap, Person, Joy
Child, Baby, Face, Skin, Nose, Head, Cheek, Lip, Close-up, Eyes, Sleep, Toddler, Mouth, Hand, Baby Sleeping, Photography, Nap, Ear, Portrait Photography, Person
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Tree, Photography, Leisure, Person
Child, Face, White, Black, Photograph, Facial Expression, Head, Black-and-white, Baby, Skin, Toddler, Nose, Monochrome, Cheek, Smile, Eyes, Black & White, Photography, Fun, Person
Finger, Child, Arm, Hand, Thumb, Gesture, Fun, Toddler, Baby, Smile, Happy, Laugh, Fictional Character, Play, Person
Child, Fun, Water, Leisure, Toddler, Summer, Swimming Pool, Recreation, Smile, Baby, Bathing, Vacation, Games, Person
Child, Leg, Eyes, Baby Products, Seat Belt, Hand, Toddler, Auto Part, Car Seat, Baby, Vacation, Family Car, Person
Hand, Finger, Child, Grass, Thumb, Eyewear, Recreation, Plant, Glasses, Person, Joy