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4 months · Tyler

52nd World and 4th Texas ranking in the Boy's contest which ended 20 days ago.
Prize won: $200
309 €

Levi is such a happy sweet boy! Levi is very photogenic and loves being the center of attention 🤍



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Megan T.
Megan T. Awww look it’s Everett’s bestfriend Levi. We love y’all ❤️😍
Lillie A. L.
Lillie A. L. NaNa’s precious little man
Jessica N.
Jessica N. Very handsome 😍
Jessica R.
Jessica R. such a cutie.!
Mo L.
Mo L. Would you like to exchange 10 vote a day?
René W.
René W. Nana's beautiful baby boy 🥰
Dustin Misty M.
Dustin Misty M. Sweet baby!