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5 months · Moncks Corner

41st World and 2nd South Carolina ranking in the Girl's contest which ended 13 days ago.
Prizes won: $250 + 1000 votes
345 €

Cayslen is 4 months old she is already developing a little personality she loves when mommy & daddy acts crazy lol and she loves the outdoors she does not like to lay down she wants to sit up and be nosey majority of the time but over all she brings so much joy and happiness to our family



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Keyenne L.
Keyenne L. Gm Can We Exchange 10 Votes
Barbara S.
Barbara S. She’s so beautiful 🫶🏾💕
Caye G.
Caye G. 😍😍😍
Cayla G.
Cayla G. Auntie loves you
Cayla G.
Cayla G. Aww she is beautiful ❤️
Juliannegreen Hi 👋🏼 10 daily?