Marcus - Baby Photo Contest
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6 months · Loveland

  • 1235thBoy
  • 2 votes
382nd World and 3rd Colorado ranking in the Boy’s contest which ended 3 days ago.
Prize won: 400 votes

Marcus sure loves his bananas!! He enjoys watching movies with mommy and daddy and he just loves getting tickles!! He’s ready for Halloween!!!



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Marcus S.
Marcus S. Why cant all the babies win 😫 😤 😪 This contest kinda mest up plus people buy votes so really how is it a contest? Basically whoever got the most money their baby wins . Dumb
Bridget K.
Bridget K. Exchange for votes?
Johanna S.
Johanna S. Oh yes please!!!!
Mariana S.
Mariana S. Post enchange 10votes par jours
Mariana S.
Mariana S. "Masha" Masha
Johanna S.
Johanna S. Ok!!
Johanna S.
Johanna S. I voted 2 times. What about u??
Mariana S.
Mariana S. 10votes le 16.09 for masha 😊
Johanna S.
Johanna S. More votes????